Time in the bank for a better work-life balance

Offer your employees more freedom to manage their time – without neglecting legal verification requirements.

No credit card required

Personizer time bank desktop (screenshot)
All overtime accounted for
All changes logged
Notifications via your time bank
Personizer time bank Mobile App (screenshot)
All overtime accounted for
All changes logged

Modern work on solid foundations

Self-determined division of working time (illustration)


Allow your team to flexibly arrange their working hours.

Legally compliant overtime documentation (illustration)

Legally compliant

 Rely on secure records of all overtime.


Flexible work schedules for flexitime and part-time (illustration)


Implement different working models such as flextime or part-time. 

Time bank

Not compulsory, but recommended

You decide whether your company wants to use the time bank as part of time tracking. If you choose not to activate this feature, overtime will be documented but not credited to a time bank.

Overtime function in the time bank (screenshot)
Digital timesheet for submission and independent approval (screenshot)

Time sheets

As much control as you need

Digital time sheets can be submitted for review each week. Once approved, the hours are automatically credited to the employee’s time bank.

  • Time sheet submission reminders
  • Option for independent approval of time sheets

We tried several online time tracking tools and Personizer was by far the easiest to use. […] Now our employees submit their time sheets at the beginning of each week, and their managers simply approve them in a few clicks.

Hanna – General Manager in the mental health care industry
Merco MTV (Kundenreferenz)
RTB Cargo (Kundenreferenz)
Sea Shepherd (Kundenreferenz)
CleverReach GmbH & Co. KG (Kundenreferenz)
Ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG
Simply request overtime reduction or have it paid out (screenshot)

Overtime compensation

More free time as required

Employees can request to turn their accumulated overtime into time off via our vacation planner. If the request is approved, the relevant overtime hours are deducted directly from their time bank. 

  • Time bank can be adjusted manually when compensating for overtime

Our time bank helps you…

Stay flexible with higher workloads

to be agile

Ensure greater flexibility to fit your company’s changing workload.

Appreciation for your team and fair handling of overtime

to retain talent

Dealing fairly with overtime lets your team know they are valued. 

Keeping track of overtime and ensuring the team's well-being

to prioritise health

Keep track of your team members’ overtime to protect their wellbeing.


Seamless documentation for every eventuality

All changes made to a time bank are logged in a protocol and can be viewed by the Personizer admin and by the employee at any time. 

Complete documentation of the time bank (screenshot)