Get a perfect overview with multiple absence types

Improve transparency in your team and make personnel planning a frictionless experience.

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Personizer absence types desktop (screenshot)
Overview of your team
Individual absences
Personizer absence types mobile app (screenshot)
Overview of your team

A tool your team will love 

Verbesserte Kommunikation (Illustration)

Better communication 

Always know who is available and when. 

A source of truth (illustration)

A source of truth 

Every attendance and absence stored in one place. 

Individually configurable (illustration)

Fully customizable 

Fit the tool to your company’s rules and regulations. 

Predefined absence types such as work from home or vacation

Preset absence types

Jump right in with our templates

Besides “Vacation”, Personizer offers you over 10 preset absence types. Their different colors give you a detailed picture of team availability at a single glance. 

The tool is very simple and intuitive to use, and the design is pleasing to the eye. Having different colored marks in the calendar overview makes it quick and easy to see which team members are currently on vacation or working from home. Submitting absence requests is also very straightforward and saves you having to maintain tedious Excel sheets.

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custom absence types 

Greater flexibility for your company

You can define custom absence types for your company in Personizer. These might include Vocational School, Parental Leave or Training Leave, for example. In this way, every kind of attendance and absence can be documented in Personizer.

Requesting absences
Create new absence type

Setting rules

Configure absence types individually

To ensure a smooth request process, rules can be defined for each absence type. Among other things, you can set whether:  

  • employees can request half days
  • approval is required 
  • working time must be recorded in spite of absence 

Our absence types help you to…

Keep an overview of the team with the dashboard

Keep track of your whole team

Your dashboard lets you know who’s on site today, who’s working from home and who’s absent. 

View sick days report for a better overview

Complete admin tasks more quickly 

Accounting and HR departments have access to real-time data that they can integrate into payroll and accounting processes. 

Absence Types

Plan ahead

Give your employees greater autonomy by enabling them to see upcoming availability within the team. 

Data protection

Transparency and privacy in harmony

You decide how transparently sick days should be displayed in Personizer. In the Employee section, you can show sick days as such, hide them completely or display them as “Absence (other)”.

Hide absence types for more privacy