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Automated processes you can set up once and rely on forever. 

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Accelerate the approval process
All information at a glance
define individual approval chains
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All information at a glance

A solution that benefits everyone 

Relief for managers (illustration)

Eases the burden on managers 

Reducing routine tasks frees up more time for strategic priorities. 

Content employees (illustration)

Boosts employee satisfaction 

Transparent processes foster smart vacation planning – for more satisfied employees. 

Equal rights in the team (illustration)

Treats all team members equally 

When approval processes establish clear policies, all absence requests get fair treatment. 

Define approval chains yourself

Approval process

Customizable approval chains and policies

Define who is responsible for approving the absence requests of each individual employee. Specific policies can also be set for each type of absence. For example, whether approval is required at all.

No more spontaneous discussions about vacation leave in the hallway. Now requests are submitted via app and I can process them in due course. Employees receive an approval or rejection notification directly in the app. It’s even possible to leave comments.

Jen – Practice Manager of a dental practice 
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Make vacation planning a team sport

Trust your team members to take personal responsibility for vacation planning. Well-defined policies on vacation days, replacements and approvals ensure an orderly process.

Mastering vacation planning as a team
Absence request in Personizer

Absence request

All key information at a glance

With all relevant information at your fingertips at each stage of the approval process, you can quickly make the right decision. 

  • Text field for comments 
  • Notification of vacation days remaining 
  • Information on replacement while absent 
  • Overlapping vacations within the team are identified 

Our approval processes help you to…

Automated approval processes

Raise operational productivity

Automation leads to faster processing of requests.

Ensure structured processes

Ensure orderly processes 

Absence requests remain in line with company guidelines and legal requirements. 

Creating transparency and traceability

Create transparency and traceability 

Approval processes give everyone involved a clear view of a request’s current status.

Notification system

Rapid response times

The requester and approvers receive immediate notification when an absence request is received and processed. You are free to choose how to be notified: 

  • By email 
  • In Slack 
  • In the notification center 
  • As push notifications on your smartphone 
Notification system in Personizer