Detailed vacation policies make for smooth processes

Use a flexible vacation planner that caters to the needs of your company and your employees. 

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Personizer vacation policy desktop (screenshot)
React flexibly and quickly
Overview of all contractual arrangements
Displaying individual cases
Personizer vacation policy mobile (screenshot)
React flexibly and quickly
Displaying individual cases

Intuitive absence planning
for modern teams

Independent administration (illustration)

Use independently

Give your employees a tool they can use to manage their vacation days. 

Always and everywhere available via cloud solution (illustration)

Always available

It runs in the cloud, so you always have access to your absence management via the app or browser. 

Better team coordination with less effort (illustration)

Smooth coordination

Let your team coordinate their vacations and days working from home. Less hassle for you – more freedom for everyone. 

Individualize vacation policies

Vacation policies

From standard to unique cases

Create various vacation policies and assign them to your employees. Set the annual vacation allowance and specify when remaining vacation days should expire. The vacation policy you set as the “default” is automatically assigned to new employees. 

Personizer solves multiple problems for us by bringing transparency and an overview of team member absences such as vacations, days working from home, sick days, training and parental leave. It supports the self-service principle and prevents overlapping vacation requests.

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Vacation account

Transparency at every level

Your employees can check their vacation account at any time. They can see how many vacation days they have remaining and how many are left over from the previous year. When a vacation request is submitted, those who approve the request also receive a notification, allowing decisions to be made more quickly.

Overview of vacation days

Our vacation policies help you to…

Employee goes home after work

Handle all exceptions 

Modern work schedules and individual agreements call for flexible solutions.  

Employees at the laptop

Respond flexibly to changes 

Your employees’ work environments and individual circumstances can change at any time. 

Employee uses Personizer on her laptop

Securely document historical data 

Benefit from seamless documentation of vacation accounts so you can refer to them in case of any doubt. 

Adjusting a vacation account 

Maximum flexibility in administration 

To increase or decrease an employee’s vacation allowance for a specific year only, you can simply adjust their vacation account. Cases for such an adjustment might be: 

  • A new hire / termination during the calendar year 
  • Parental leave 
  • Individual negotiations  
  • Sickness
Adjustment of the vacation account