Custom work schedules for greater flexibility

Offer your employees personalized solutions and manage them all in one tool.  

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Personizer work schedules desktop (screenshot)
React flexibly to changes
Modern work schedules
Personizer work schedules mobile app (screenshot)
React flexibly to changes

Modern work on solid foundations

Self-determined division of working time (illustration)


Allow your team to flexibly arrange their working hours.

Legally compliant overtime documentation (illustration)

Legally compliant

 Rely on secure records of all overtime.

Flexible work schedules for flexitime and part-time (illustration)


Implement a variety of work schedules such as flextime or part-time. 

Create work schedules individually

Work schedules

From conventional to progressive

Create a variety of work schedules and assign them to your employees. Set the daily working hours and break times and specify the days on which they will work. With these and many other options to choose from, Personizer supports work schedules such as: 

  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Flextime 
  • Trust-based schedule
  • Time bank
  • Home office
  • Short-time work

Time bank

Fair treatment in every situation

The time bank ensures that overtime and minus hours are automatically recorded. The integrated workflow for approving overtime and minus hours guarantees compliance with labor law requirements and company agreements.  

Time bank for over and minus hours
Personizer App on the Smartphone

Mobile access

Flexible working hours in your pocket

Using the Personizer app and mobile-friendly website, employees can flexibly record and manage their working hours from anywhere. This unrestricted accessibility is especially important for modern forms of work such as home office.

Personizer fits our time tracking requirements perfectly, as our employees are spread across three groups: office, home office and field work, each with specific needs. What really stands out is the ability to use Personizer on any kind of device without compromising on key features. Across all these work environments, Personizer is easy to navigate and intuitive to use.

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Our work schedules help you to…

Employees in the tea kitchen

Respond to your employees’ needs¬†

Allow your employees to choose schedules that better suit their specific life situations.  

Create working schedules such as short-time work

React flexibly to changes

By providing a variety of work schedules, your company can adapt more effectively to seasonal fluctuations, project phases and other business cycles. 

Increase employee motivation

Boost employee motivation 

Giving employees more control over their schedules often increases their sense of commitment and responsibility.  

Absence calendar

Keep your whole team in view

To give you an instant overview of work days and absences within a team, the individual schedules are displayed graphically in the absence calendar. Non-working days are grayed out and home office days are highlighted yellow. 

work schedules visible in the calendar