Better resource planning with time tags

So you can easily measure and assess the time spent on projects and tasks.

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Personizer time tag overview (screenshot)
Individual time tags
Record project times easily
Personizer time tags mobile app (screenshot)
Individual time tags
Record project times easily

The simplest way to record project times 

No comprehensive setup required


Time tags can be used for a whole range of purposes with minimal setup. 

Flexible use - offline and online


Time tags can be added in the app either online or offline. This makes them easier to use in a variety of working environments.

Quick and easy to use


Employees can quickly and easily label their work without getting lost in complex project structures. 

Time tags in the time entry overview as a tooltip

Categorize working times 

More than just time tracking

As well as recording working times, Personizer enables you to categorize them. To do so, you simply add time tags to the time entries.

Lots of handy options for time tracking, creating your own project and time tags, recording vacation and sick leave, etc.

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Custom time tags 

For all kinds of purposes

Time tags can be created individually in Personizer and assigned to specific teams. The use cases are endless. Our customers rely on time tags for:

  • Optimizing personal time management
  • Team resource planning 
  • Customer billing
  • Tracking project times
Create individual time tags for your teams

Our time tags help you to…

Resource planning thanks to time tags

Assess resource requirements more accurately

Time tags can assist with personnel planning by providing information on what resources are required.

Better use of time thanks to time tags

Boost efficiency

By using time tags, employees and companies can better understand how time is being spent. Inefficient processes can be identified and improved.

Facilitate communication within the team

Promote transparency

Using time tags facilitates communication within the team and with customers, as they provide a clear overview of the work performed.

Configure individual time tag export

Time tag Report 

Real-time data for quick decision-making

Filter by team, time period and time tag and display the results directly or export the report as a CSV file.