High-precision time tracking with the start-stop timer

Choose a state-of-the-art time tracking system that employees are happy to use. 

No credit card required

Personizer Start-stop-timer overview (screenshot)
Subsequent editing
Easy handling
Seamless documentation
Personizer Start-stop-timer Mobile App (Screenshot)
Easy handling
Seamless documentation

Simplicity all round 

No training required

No training necessary 

A time tracking system is there to record work hours, not eat them up. 

Available on all end devices

Available on all devices

Operate the start-stop timer using a web browser or the mobile app. 

Automatic calculation

Automatic calculation 

Recorded working and break times are calculated automatically, in real time. 

Seamless documentation down to the minute


Seamless and up to the minute

With just a few clicks, employees can independently document the hours and minutes they have worked. The tracked times are stored in the cloud and can be viewed in real time. This enhances transparency and greatly speeds up tasks for the HR department.

Personizer fits our time tracking requirements perfectly, as our employees are spread across three groups: office, home office and field work, each with specific needs. What really stands out is the ability to use Personizer on any kind of device without compromising on key features. Across all these work environments, Personizer is easy to navigate and intuitive to use.

Andreas – Managing Director of Nonstop Technologies GmbH 
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CleverReach GmbH & Co. KG (Kundenreferenz)
Ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG

Subsequent editing

Get back on track

In case someone forgets to record their hours, time entries can easily be adjusted or added by the employee or manager.  

  • Editing by employees can be restricted 
  • All adjustments are documented 
Subsequent editing of time entries

Our start-stop timer helps you to…

Promote self-management through independent editing

Encourage autonomy

Give your employees a tool they can use to manage their time independently.  

Comply with labor laws with the start-stop timer

Comply with labor laws 

Legally compliant documentation of working hours and break times has never been easier. 

Simple software is more likely to be accepted

Boost adoption 

When software is a pleasure to use, people are quick to get on board.  

Browser Extension from Personizer


No internet, no problem 

Whether in the office, on a business trip, on a construction site or working from home – time tracking must work for all your company’s employees.   

  • Available on any device 
  • Secure documentation, even with no internet connection  
  • Faster access via browser extension or PWA