Greater trans­parency with a shared absence calendar

Make it easy for your team to coordinate their vacations and communicate when they are working from home.

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Personizer Absence Calendar Desktop (screenshot)
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Overview of vacation days remaining
Custom absence types
Personizer Absence Calendar Mobile App (screenshot)
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Overview of vacation days remaining

Intuitive absence planning
for modern teams

Independent management (illustration)

Use independently

Give your employees a tool they can use to manage their absences.

Always and everywhere available via cloud solution (illustration)

Always available

It runs in the cloud, so you always have access to your calendar via the browser and app.

Better team coordination with less effort (illustration)

Smooth coordination

Let your team coordinate their vacations and days working from home. Less hassle for you – more freedom for everyone.

Absence overview own annual planning (screenshot)


Annual planning made easy

Keep an eye on your absences, your vacation quota and vacation days remaining for this year. Request upcoming time off and enter the days you will be working from home in the coming weeks.

  • Remaining vacation days automatically updated
  • Color-coding for an instant overview


Teams plan better together

A glance at the overview tells you when a team member will be absent. This transparency helps you to avoid overlapping vacations and improve project planning.

Absence overview teammates (screenshot)

Personizer solves multiple problems for us by bringing transparency and an overview of team member absences such as vacations, days working from home, sick days, training and parental leave.

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Ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG
Holidays and school vacations at a glance in the calendar (screenshot)


All the info in one calendar

When it comes to vacation planning, absences of other team members are not the only thing to consider. School holidays and public holidays also play a major role.


For peace of mind on vacation

To ensure everyone in your team knows who is covering for you while you are on vacation, your replacement is displayed in the team calendar.

  • Transparency about vacation replacements
  • Smooth processes in your absence
Vacation substitutions visible for all in the team calendar (screenshot)

Our absence calendar helps you to…

Reduce admin tasks for remaining vacation days and vacation requests to a minimum (screenshot)

Reduce admin tasks to a

Employees can retrieve information on remaining vacation days or the status of a vacation request themselves.

Smarte tools to support remote team coordination (screenshot)

Improve cooperation among teams working remotely

When water cooler conversation is no longer an option, smart tools can support team coordination.

Keep a clear overview of cancellations, vacation plans and applications  (screenshot)

Keep everything in order

Changes or cancellations of vacation plans need not throw the calendar into chaos.


Part of your regular workflow

Integrate the Personizer absence calendar with your mail client or calendar app via iCalender feeds.

Workflow integration via iCal feeds in email software and calendar apps (illustration)